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Chemicals Production



“Cleaning is a cornerstone of modern life on which our health and wellbeing are founded," therefore we at 67M Chemicals Production take health very serious.
Clean surfaces and floors in the workplace, kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom aren't just hygienic, they make the place look attractive and feel comfortable. Knowing that your home is a clean place for you and your family, it will give you peace of mind.

WE are manufactures of extensive range of cleaning and hygiene products. In addition to chemical products under 67M Chemicals Production brand name, we manufacture for some of its customers under their own brand names and can also formulate products for specific requirements.


67M Chemicals Production also sells a range of ancillary products such as toilet tissue, disposable paper products, cloths, dusters, wipes, brushes, brooms, refuse sacks, etc. to enable the company to meet as many of its customers' cleaning requirements as possible.

OUR PRODUCTS RANGE:                                                                                        OUR SALES AND DISTRIBUTION model

  • PINE GEL                                                                                                            ♦ DOMESTIC and HOUSEHOLD
  • LIQUID WASHING SOAP                                                                                ♦ INDUSTRIES and WORKSHOPS
  • FLOOR POLISH                                                                                                 ♦ RETAILS and WHOLE SALERS
  • WOOD FURNITURES POLISH                                                                        ♦ SCHOOLS
  • CAR WASH SOAP                                                                                            ♦ COMPANIES
  • BLEACH                                                                                                              ♦  HOSPITALS
  • etc.